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We buy paddy,process,mill and bag the parboiled sortexed rice in our partner mill in Kano and transport them to Oyo,Ogun,Osun,Ekiti,Ondo and Lagos states.

The rice are sold to distributors and traders in these states upon arrival.

We have different markets we sell to (20 Markets) and we do a rotational style of distribution to ensure we always sell out upon arrival each time our truck arrives.
This we do week in, week out and we are prepared to expand our markets as the need arises.

On each trip or bag as the case may be, we make a profit of 12% and we make this trips and distribution every week. Here is a breakdown;

Percentage profit/trip : 12%
Number of trips in 3 Months : 12 Trips
Total percentage profit in 3 Months : 144%

Breakdown of the total percentage profit :

Marketing : 20%
Investor : 30%
Company : 65%
Miscellaneous : 10%
Overhead 15%
Re-Insurance 4%
Hence, we are able to deliver on our promise and also make profit for ourselves. Win-win situation for all.

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