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What is TitanFarms?
Most modern agricultural companies have gone into farming and cultivation with no recourse to what happens to the agricultural produce after harvesting. Titan Farms came into the picture to buy up these produce,process and package them using high technology equipments at our partners' various state of the art processing facilities.

What does Titan Farms do?
We are traders and the people(farmers and distributors) are our priority. We process agricultural produce and sell directly to distributors in the market, hence cutting out traditional middle men.

How do we do what we do?
Our work with our vendors (farmers) involves purchasing the harvested agricultural produce at a good price while our work with our distributors involve supplying them with affordable packaged agricultural produce at costs at least 20% below what is obtainable through the traditional distfibution system obgainable from other supply routes.

Who makes things work at Titan Farms?
We have people in various fields and with numerous years of experience in Agricultural Retail,Marketing, Customer service, Investment and Trading. We are a team of creative and result driven people whose priorities are on our product quality and affordable sales to our distributor. Our teams are set up in such a way that will ensure judicious use of your investments and maximising return of investments.

How to get started
Having an account with Titan Farms gives you the joy of making funds available to farmers by buying their farm produce and also the joy of making the packaged products readily available and affordable to the people while earning attractive returns on your investments.
Signing up with us is just a click away. Click on the join us button on our home page or here. Once you get to the sign up page, you will need to enter your details and then click on the sign up button.
An email will be sent to your specified email address to welcome you to the Titan Farms family.

What is the minimum amount to fund a project?
Each trading cycle and project has a specific number of units available for sale. The minimum you can invest in is one unit.

Would love to invest more? Buy additional units directly from your dashboard and it will show as a new investment package for you without disturbing your existing investment package.

How do i invest?
After selecting your preferred project or investment cycle(if we have more than one at a time), proceed to the account details section and credit the company account displayed on your dashboard. We have multiple payment options to cater to your needs. You can either pay with bank, USSD, bank transfer, or from your favorite bank apps.

Need clarity? we are always happy to help. Call us or send us a whatsapp message to +234 (0) 9060079714 or email and we will walk you through how to make payments.

How will my payment reflect on my dashboard once i transfer to your account?
We are always working to make payment experiences more pleasant for you. Once your payment has been confirmed by us, your account will be activated immediately and then you will see your investment on your dashboard. So do not worry, we are here for you.

How do i get my money back?
Your funds and accumulated interest are paid back to you at the end of the trading cycle for the farm produce you subscribed to. For this to happen, you have to update your bank information on your dashboard's account information space.

Is my money safe?
Take our word for it, your funds are safe, but more than just our word, all of our goods are fully insured by LeadWay Assurance.
Therefore in the event that something remotely goes wrong with our goods and products which has never happened, your capital is insured, there is nothing to worry about.

Are the return on investments annually or monthly?
No, the returns for your subscriptions are made every two weeks for 10 weeks and the last two weeks return on investment is paid together with your capital at the end of the trade cycle(tenure) as indicated when you subscribe for that particular farm produce trading.

Do i get updates from the company as the investment progresses?
Yes you do. Updates on our progress with trading activities are sent every two weeks to you. You can also find updates on your dashboard by clicking on 'site news'.
If you do not get updates, check your spam folder in your inbox, email, call or send us a whatsapp message at +234 (0) 9060079714 and we would get it delivered to your inbox.

My friends and co-investors have been paid but i am yet to be paid ,why?
There are two main reasons why this may have happened. Either your account details is not properly uldated on your account or your bank has a network issue or the account has restrictions on it from the bank.Do not be alarmed, even if that is the case,just reach out to us by calling or sending a whatsapp message to +234 (0) 9060079714 and we will be happy to help to ensure you get your dues.

Do I get paid monthly?
No, returns (capital and interest) are paid at the end of every two weeks while the capital is paid together with the last return.

Can i visit the market on distribution days?
Yes, we would love that as it is a sweet feeling seeing where your money is being put to use and at the same time seeing people smile becuase they can get these produce at affordable rates.
Request for a market visit by sending a 1 week notice to us via email and we will put together a worthwhile market visit experience for you.
Can i take my money out before the end of a trade cycle?

Yes,you can but you will give us a two weeks notice. The ROI collected before the notice will be divided into two and half of it will be deducted from the invested amount.
The company also takes 15% of the invested amount as termination fee for administrative charges. We are able to do this as the funds are used for trading week in,week out so you do not need to wait till the end of your trading cycle before you request for your funds should you have an emergency.

Do i pay any administrative charge or fee?
No extra fee or administrative fee is required to fund a trade investment cycle. As per transaction costs and logistics, do not worry...that is why we are here. We have it all covered. At the end of the trade cycle, your capital and interest would have been paid into your bank account as specified on the dashboard.

How do i see my investment details?
You will find details about your funded project on your dashboard.

How do i know my pay out day?
Your pay out day is exactly two weeks interval from your date of investment and two weeks interval for five times. The last payout will be in the 13th week together with the invested capital.

Why should i fund a trade cycle with Titan Farms?
Three reasons : We make the farmers happy,we make affordable food available to the masses and yes, we make you happy!
We can only do that with your funds and that’s why we want you to be a part of our journey to empowering farmers and making Africa the food hub of the world while also making your pockets more robust.

What products does Titan Farms trade in?
We are always looking to engage high yield agricultural trading opportunities to make farmers and our trade investors like you get the best returns on ever trade cycle.
We have so far engaged in rice trading on three different trade cycles and have made our distributors, masses and investors happy.
And this is because rice is an essential commodity in Nigeria now, even more consumed than oil as every family in Nigeria who can afford rice eats rice.

How much profit can i earn from investing with TitanFarms?
You earn a flat 20% return on your investment on the rice trading investment in 3 Months. Our return rates always do better than conventional investment channels, so that’s something you should also not ignore.

Is my data and information secure?
Titan Farms security is a big deal to us as we take the issue of your privacy and security of your data and payments serious.
Sensitive customer information is encrypted and securely stored.
How much insurance cover do i have?
Trusting us with your funds can not be taken for granted so we do our best to cut down on all the risks involved in the production and distribution process. The is to ensure everyone is happy at the end of each trade cycle..

To reduce risk and make sure your funds come back to you safely, we insure all our goods and produce with LeadWay Assurance against theft, accidents and natural hazards of any kind.

Read this post by our insurance partners to see the level of insurance coverage we have on our farms.
If by the slightest possibility anything goes wrong, which has not been the case especially in critical numbers, your funds are safe and will be returned to you.

How are my funds spent? For every investment cycle, a trade cycle is created. The farm produce processed and packaged by us, bought in raw form(paddy) from farmers are sold to distributors in the market.
Do the interest rate increase as i purchase more units of investments?

No, they do not. The rates do not compound or increase in any way if you increase your invested funds for the the trade cycle. In summary, if you purchase a unit of a farm at 20%, the rates are flat and the same if you purchase 5 units or even 100 units. The rates do not multiply as the number of units you purchase increases.